Dear friends and colleagues,

I write this letter to you to respectfully request your support to become President-Elect of the Canadian Medical Association. Why have I chosen to run? What can I offer to you as President in 2019?

In September, I lost a dear friend and mentor who died of a glioblastoma. Dan was an incredible man and an expert in leadership development. A few days before his death, I visited him and we spoke about leadership. I shared with him that I was considering running for the CMA presidency and he challenged me to “have the courage to reach your potential”.

I have since frequently reflected on his challenge. I considered my 21 years as a comprehensive family physician and another 13 years providing home-based palliative care including my work with people experiencing homelessness. I thought about my lifelong commitment to teaching students and residents and my work and teaching overseas. I thought about my leadership at Cancer Care Ontario, my research in palliative care, and my efforts to bring social accountability to family medicine through my presidencies of the Ontario College of Family Physicians and the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Throughout my career, I have sought to improve the lives of others through this incredible profession of medicine of which I am so privileged to be a part. I feel proud to stand with my colleagues for all that we do and contribute. I try to make the contribution I can in repairing this world in a compassionate and principled way, from caring and advocating for one patient at a time, to addressing regional community needs, to helping to make the necessary systemic changes to improve healthcare for us all.

I have accepted Dan‘s challenge to have the courage to continue to lead because it is through leadership of the CMA that I can make a real difference. Supporting physicians is critical to reach our collective potential to have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of Canadians. The federal election in 2019 will be a pivotal opportunity to have a strong principled voice, to act in unity and be represented by experienced leadership to ensure that our voice and concerns are heard, respected and influential. I know I can help us realize our potential. I have listened to your concerns. I now have a plan to help get us there.

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