“Four for four” articles on Healthy Debate

Healthy Debate put four questions to each of the candidates in a series called “Four for four.” Read my responses to each of the questions by clicking on the respective articles below:

    1. Candidates for CMA president on parents who don’t want to immunize their children
    2. Candidates for CMA president on physician burnout
    3. Candidates for CMA president on the move toward patient-centred health care
    4. Candidates for CMA president on responding to the feds’ proposed tax changes

Fundraising underway for new end-of-life hospice in North York

“We envision a hospice that is a centre of excellence. We see a beautiful, bright environment where people can have independence and all of these needs met. It’s the whole continuity of end-of-life care.”


A great article on the Neshama Hospice and the Ontario government’s commitment to funding this 10-bed facility in North York. I am proud to be the Medical Lead and bring compassionate communities together through this end-of-life care facility. Read the full article here …

CMPA article of interest: How the patient’s voice advances safe care

A recent CMPA article caught my attention. We are continually learning how having patient voices at the table can improve care. This article provides some important insights and guidance. – Sandy

Several years ago, a 15-year-old male patient with a cardiac rhythm disorder underwent an ablation procedure. During the procedure, the patient unexpectedly became acutely unstable. His physician intervened immediately to identify and correct the problem.

While the patient made a full recovery, the patient’s mother wanted to find out what had happened and why. She did research and asked questions. Changes did take place, including a decision by her son’s physician to change how he performs ablations.1

As in the case of the young man and his mother, patients’ stories and experiences can be a powerful force leading to safer care and better patient outcomes.2,3,4 Their voices and involvement can contribute to planning and delivery, motivating learners in patient safety education, and improving quality and safety.

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