“Sandy brings invaluable experience as a leader and chief spokesperson on behalf of physicians, presenting our key issues to government and the public. Having worked beside him during his highly successful term as CFPC President, I can attest to the fact that he is well prepared for the CMA Presidency and if elected, he would do us all proud.”

Cal Gutkin MD CCFP( EM) FCFP
Executive Director and CEO
The College Of Family Physicians of Canada
(1996 – 2012)

“I have known Sandy for over 50 years. He is a very compassionate, highly motivated leader. In his role of President of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Ontario College of Family Physicians he initiated many positive changes that have had a huge impact on our profession. He is a fabulous teacher and mentor and in his role as Associate Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto he has helped to educate thousands of physicians.

He is highly principled, a man of high integrity and believes in transparency. He is extremely reliable, hard working and very down to earth. As a family physician he had great respect and appreciation from his patients and colleagues. As a palliative care physician he has been a leader and role model for delivering empathetic, compassionate care. Sandy cares deeply about our Health Care System. He is not only proactive from patients’ and students’ point of view, but also wants to make sure physicians get a fair deal. He is committed to address professionalism, physician stress and burnout and I know he of all people can make our lives as physicians better.

Sandy has a very strong sense of social justice and accountability and better than anyone I know, understands how economic and social conditions impact on the health of Canadians. His work with the homeless and under-housed individuals is inspiring. Sandy, when elected, will bring a fresh perspective to the CMA. He is a powerful advocate for change at a systems level.”

Mel Borins MD FCFP
Associate Professor
Department of Family and Community Medicine University of Toronto
Former President of the Metro Chapter of the Ontario College of Family Physicians
Active Staff St. Joseph’s Health Center

“I am a neurosurgeon at UHN in Toronto and more recently also a home-based palliative care physician in Toronto. In the latter role I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Sandy Buchman for the last few years. I have come to learn that he is a highly compassionate, dedicated, and brilliant physician. I have also come to learn that he has a stunning grasp of the geopolitical landscape of medicine in Canada and of the specific issues that are important to Canadian physicians of all specialties. I am excited at the possibility of Dr. Buchman being president of the CMA — I truly believe he is capable of effecting real change to improve the lives of us physicians, and thus our patients.”

Mark Bernstein BSc, MD, MHSc (Bioethics), FRCSC
The Greg Wilkins-Barrick Chair in International Surgery
Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto
Neurosurgeon, Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network

“Sandy Buchman has been a champion for family doctors and tireless advocate for palliative care. I consider him both a mentor and a friend. I have no doubt Sandy will provide a strong voice and steady leadership for all physicians at the CMA.”

CMA Delegate
Medical Director for the Hospice of Windsor
Clinical Advisory Council Member for the Ontario Palliative Care Network

“The CMA needs a leader who inspires by example, who is a born freethinker with broad experience, and who humbly serves the needs of the community over their own. Sandy Buchman is the embodiment of all these qualities and more.”

Ginah Kim MD MSc CCFP (PC)
Palliative Care Physician at Baycrest Health Sciences Centre
Lecturer at Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto

“J’ai eu le plaisir et le privilège de travailler pendant 4 ans avec le docteur Sandy Buchman alors que nous étions tous les deux membres du Comité exécutif et du Conseil d’administration du Collège des médecins de famille du Canada, dont il fut président en 2012 et moi en 2013. Sandy Buchman est un homme de convictions au leadership inclusif qui sait écouter les autres et leur donner les moyens de leurs ambitions. Il est entièrement dévoué à contribuer au maximum de ses capacités pour faire de notre système de santé un système, efficace, équitable et compatissant. À un moment important pour notre pays, les élections canadiennes de 2019, il est la personne toute indiquée pour porter nos idéaux collectifs en matière de santé et de justice sociale.”

Marie-Dominique Beaulieu MD, CCMF, MSc, FCMF, Dr h.c.
Professeure titulaire
Département de médecine de famille et médecine d’urgence
Université de Montréal

“During a period of four years, I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of working closely with Dr Sandy Buchman as we were both members of the Executive Committee and of the Board of Directors of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. He was president of the College in 2012, and I was president in 2013.  Sandy Buchman is a man of deep convictions, his leadership is very inclusive, he knows how to listen carefully to others and he has demonstrated a great ability to put in place the conditions that are favorable to success. He is entirely dedicated to making our Canadian Health system more efficient, more equitable and more compassionate. As we approach an important moment of our collective life — the Canadian Elections of 2019 – he is the best person to promote and bring to fruition our collective ideals and aspirations.”

Marie-Dominique Beaulieu MD, CCFP, MSc, FCFP, Dr h.c.
Département de médecine de famille et médecine d’urgence
Université de Montréal


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